Composting for Production Facilities

Breweries, Food Processors and other Production Facilities all have a lot to gain from composting. Reduce your waste, lower your impact, and save on landfill pick-ups.

Why Your Facility Should Compost

Reduced Landfill Collection Fees

Production facitlities will be able to reduce their landfill collection fees due to lower frequency of pickups. Over 70% of our customers (ranging across various industries) have surveyed that the compost program is cost effective.

Improved Corporate Social Responsibility

Employees take pride in working at a place that cares about their environment and future. Studies show less employee turn over when there is a higher sense of social responsibility by employer.

Help the Environment & Our Community

We can help you redefine what you think of as waste in your business, all while improving the environment and giving back to the community. Compost Crusader works closely and partners with our clients in an active effort to achieve Milwaukee’s 2020 diversion goal. Additionally, for every 20,00 lbs of raw material diverted, compost crusader will donate 1 yard of compost to the community.

How It Works

Get Your Compostable Bags and Recepticles

Once we’ve completed our preliminary assessment and have a plan in place for your organization, the next step will be to get your compostable bags and receptacles.

Throw Your Organic Material into Compost Bags

Identify the receptacles that are used for organic material and replace the plastic trash bags with compostable bags. Then while preparing, cooking and clearing away leftover food scraps/organic materials, simply throw them in the compostable bags.

Put Your Full Compost Bags in the Compost Crusader Bins

Be mindful and cautious when filling compostable not to dilute or contaminate the organic material with non compostable materials, otherwise the bag is compromised. Once the bag is full, tie it up and place it outside in a compost crusader receptacle to wait for pickup.

Included In The Service

Current Waste Assessment

Compost Crusader will provide an assessment of your organization’s current waste management infrastructure to see where any changes can be implemented.

Implementation Assessment

Next, Compost Crusader will perform a logistical assessment of location and determine the proper organic receptacles necessary to provide an efficient and effective waste management program. Over 80% of our surveyed customers (ranging across various industries) have said that the compost program was Easy or Very Easy to Implement.

Scheduled Pick-Ups

We provide extremely dependable service with a agreed upon schedule .

Staff Training

We train your current staff on proper source separation.  With a better understanding of the programs infrastructure and what to and what not to compost, the program can be implemented more efficiently and effectively.

Signage for Recycling, Composting & Landfill

Compost Crusader has signage made from pictures to be placed with your waste station to help with proper source separation. This will help to expedite the implementation process while also reducing chances of contamination. LINK TO SIGNAGE

Weight Recordings for Organics

We will measure and track your organics diversion through volume and estimated weights.  You will have 24 hour access to this information through our customer portal.

Unique Marketing & Promotion

By implementing a landfill diversion program, organizations are presented with the unique marketing opportunity of labeling themselves as a company that is committed and dedicated to making an environmental difference and impact.


Ready to start composting but don't know how?

Are you a production facility ready to start composting, but don’t know where to start? If so, click the link below to browse some of our hand-picked composting resources to get you started. When you’re ready to start a program in earnest, contact us and we can help you begin to reduce your food waste.


Did you know that meat, dairy, pasta, and more can all be composted? Click the link below to learn what can and cannot be composted.


What our customers are saying

“United Natural Foods is the leader in distributing natural and organic products across the country and Canada. Compost Crusader is consistently reliable with picking up our compost and communication is always there if a scheduling change is needed. Money is not a factor when preventing as much waste going to a landfill. Composting does limit out tonnage of trash so this helps limit the number of trash pickups required week to week. Overall, it balances the costs. Our maintenance and inventory control teams have quickly took on the importance of separating compostable items to be picked up weekly.”

Rodney Edie

Facilities Maintenance Manager, UNFI

Who We Work With

Our customers are schools, restaurants, grocers, municipalities and anyone else that realize the positive impact they can make in their community and environment by composting their waste. We are dedicated to our customers , almost 100% of our surveyed customers (ranging across various industries) have claimed that Compost Crusader provides excellent customer service, additionally, 100% of customers surveyed would recommend Compost Crusader to a friend or colleague.


Our Customers

We work with some of the Milwaukee area’s most notable breweries and production facilities to help them reduce their organic waste streams and provide a sustainable alternative to the landfill.

Why They Work With Us

       The results from our survey across various industries speak for themselves.

  •  Over 80% of our customers surveyed have said that their experience so far is Excellent
  • Over 80% of our customers surveyed have stated that the compost program was Easy or Very Easy to Implement
  • Over 70% of our customers surveyed have claimed that the compost program is cost effective
  • More than half of our customers surveyed have said that the compost program was able to get them to reduce landfill pick ups or landfill receptacle size
  • Almost 100% of our customers surveyed have reported that Compost Crusader provides excellent customer service
  • 100% of customers surveyed would recommend Compost Crusader to a friend or colleague